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In association with Laroo aka Hitta Slim, who she is signed to, Laroo and E-40 are great  lifetime friends. Thien Thy Le grew up on "BET" listening while learning English right after she moved to Usa from Vietnam. Unique and mind blowing, which also make Asian Barbie aka Thien Thy really interesting.


Getting from a small village in Gò Công, Vietnam to a great country in America, life wasn’t easy for her. It was her strong determination to be a public face and have more than just a mediocre lifestyle. The model is also seen in the music video “Millions” with the internet sensation Yung Jae. Thien has a huge heart for music as well. She is a classic rapper which can be seen in her music single “It’s Lit.” Which got a star within 1 day of releasing. 

 -Seekers Time News

Previously Thien Thy Huynh has been a part of several music videos. She was seen in the music video “Millions” with the Asian internet sensation, Yung Jae. This video was also a super hit and Asian Barbie has become a favourite for many.

Besides, Thien Thy Huynh is famous for her racer cars. She rebuilt her BMW “Snowy” into a WTCC racer car and attained a lot of fame. Her fondness for cars brought about her next race car GTR.

The model became particularly popular for her Nissan GTR rocket bunny version 2. She was also the first woman in the entire United States to own a fully built GTR in 2015.

She made these major hobbies a fraction of her life and a reason for her popularity. Apart from this, she also loves to be a kitchen queen and try different dishes. The model too holds a heart for colours and that she likes painting.

The model has taken her passion to a level up and made them a part of her living. She is an inspiration for thousands who wish to make their passion a profession.
Moreover, the model is also into charity events. She hosts multiple of them using her cars. Coming from a small village in Vietnam, Thien Thy Huynh often stops by her village and help the underprivileged people. She is ideal for all.

- United Business Journal


Music has the power to evoke untouched emotions in every spirit. Therefore, every man jack always has that one favourite song that explodes their heart and mind with millions of emotions. We all are true fans of music irrespective of lingoes.

However, for some people, music holds a special significance and Thien Thy Huynh Le is one such individual. She is a social media influencer and a model who is adored by millions of people throughout the globe.

Thien Thy Huynh Le also goes by Asian Barbie. Rapping was always on top of her listed hobbies. By rebuilding various racer cars she was already a sensation amongst the youngster until she released her first rap single "It's lit" and became a super hit.

This rap single also featured Laroo aka Hitta Slim. This music video got popular real quick. A year ago, Asian Barbie again released her music video "Need it" on YouTube which was also a super hit.

Recently, Asian Barbie again released her latest mind-blowing music audio "Full Send" in feature with Hitta Slim. Being a model, Asian Barbie has already been sighted in various music videos.

Asian Barbie was seen in the famous music video "Millions" with the Asian internet sensation Yung Jae. She was also a model for Hitta Slim's multiple music singles including the music video "Highlight Reel."

Besides, being a music fanatic Asian Barbie is a great autophile. She is exceptionally popular for rebuilding her race car Nissan GTR Rocket Bunny Version 2 Pandem. The model is also a patroness as she conducts various charity events for the underprivileged.

Having a huge heart for songs, Asian Barbie keeps on exploring the music world. Her supporters cannot wait to listen to her next single.

- Mid Day

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