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Asian Barbie is a RAPPER???? wtf

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

I know right?

It is unbelievable, growing up through BET, I am glad, so glad, I don't say or brag about this lightly when people ask what's your story with the attitude and the big booty?

Let me tell you, I was afraid of school, fresh off the boat from Vietnam, my parents let me stay home for couple months or so and I learned English through BET, watching everything, everyday. Every single rap song, I learned how to bump my head and move my butt before I even learned how to speak English. Next thing you know I was rapping, singing along to Ciara, Mariah, twerking to Usher, Chingy, Laroo, E40 and Drake (before he blew up) featuring on Trey Songz - replacement girl lol

Believe or not music became part of me, I can memorize many songs, I can sing along to songs I haven't even heard in years.

I want to celebrate this joy with all my day 1 followers and fans that my first song feature ever will also be debut on BET as well. HOLLY SHIT !

One of my favorite artist and one of my favorite hit by LAROO (aka HITTASLIM) - Put me on is the one making my dreams come true ! I am so blessed thank you so much !

How I met Laroo is another crazy story I'd love to share to you one day ;D

I'll be checking in to update you all often, please follow all my social medias below !!!

Grateful to be alive, thank you for riding with me through this journey.

I love you all !




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