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Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Honestly you need to be here to understand and know how I feel.

First few days was amazing.

I got to cross path with 2 amazing people so far.

Funny story my lip piercings fell out and I had to go find a tattoo & piercing shop.

Right when I got out I saw the sweetest old lady sitting on the ground eating with flies all over, my heart instantly felt the urge to cross the street to help her.

I got into my taxi and asked him to cross and Uturn.

I asked my aunt to guy buy food next door as well.

I just went straight to her and started chatting it up!

HUGS ! 💜💜💜💜

I asked her where she’s from and she told me her kids kicked her out of her own house so now she’s homeless living around.

I asked her to keep eating.

She said I’m really beautiful and thank you for keeping her company.

People was so rude, walked past and just stand and stare at me.

My aunt came back with food & I said my goodbyes because too many people was coming and I don't want to cause too much attention.

They might follow her and rob her.

Said my goodbyes and wish her well

Without hesitation, of course open my wallet and gave her $

She said good things are coming for me just be patient.

We bonded in such short time. What I felt in my heart, no money can buy.

She blessed me

Not the other way around!

I waved at her and she waved back ♥️

My body was aching and I asked my driver friend if he knew a spot I can get a massage.

Touched by my heart he took me to a blind center where they do massages for money and tips.


Met the sweetest young blind man alive

We instantly hit it off and talked about our life

He was also independent at 16, all on his own.

Make his own money and survived, he’s 24. I am 26.

Shits crazy!

He ask about my tattoos and what I do for a living.

We talked so much it was 2 hours... lol

100% honest I told him everything.

He even went to English classes.

He has lots of friends on Facebook.

Very smart 💯

I tipped big and promised to come back again!

Took pics for his friends and we will go coffee one of these mornings!

If you guys watch my Snapchat you would know i’ll Help anyone who crosses path with me.

I think everything is meant to be and happen for a reason

It is 12:30AM here In Vietnam goodnight Teambarbies 😳💗


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