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Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Don’t read if you will get offended 💕💅🏻 ( I am fully aware not everyone appreciate art the same ) 🤓

I RE-signed with ONLYFANS & CELEB TV again. My 18+ sites 🔞

No i DO NOT do porn and I don't plan to.

It’s where you WONT get blocked for talking dirty to me, sending me pictures where I will just delete in IG DM OR SNAPCHAT. You get to chat with me daily and get the VIP DADDY Experience 😳

I am grateful that it is a 6 figures career even if I am not getting fucked on camera. Just playing with myself and lots of NUDITY. 😉 Even though I am staying focused on my music career. Hitting the studio. Writing music. Learning new things and surprising myself. The heck.... I can rap too? Bars for an asian ? Who can barely speak proper English and did not go to college ? jeeze 🤧 I still want to continue fullfilling my male and female fans fantasies of seeing what Asian Barbie look like without clothes on. 😏 Only Onlyfans you can tips for other naughty requests even down to candies dipped in my kitty.

Use your imagination 😈

SIGN UP Now 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Remember it is 18+ only zone

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